Academic Credit Units and Grading

The University of Notre Dame is a private, highly ranked, academic institution founded in 1842. Undergraduates or graduate students who wish to earn academic credits can earn up to three credits for the 2016 Field School, but this is not required. The University of Notre Dame undergraduate tuition rate for 2016 is $1,020 per credit hour ($3,060 in tuition), while the graduate tuition rate is $645 per credit hour ($1,935 in tuition). Full payment (full payment = project fee and tuition) must be received by May 1, 2016. Students will receive a letter grade for participating in this field school.


Grading will be based on three components:

Fieldwork participation (60%): Students are required to participate daily in archaeological excavation, laboratory analysis, and other field school activities.

Field recording (25%): Students are expected to participate in a range of field recording practices depending on circumstances, including field notes, mapping, artifact illustrating and photography.

Community heritage event (15%): Students are expected to actively participate in the annual heritage event held on Inishbofin. This is a one day event organized for the general public, tourists, and islanders, and serves to help others understand the results of our 2014 field research and contributions to island culture, history and archaeology.


Community Event 2012

Community Event 2012

There are additional skills that will be covered during the archaeology course. This includes core elements of daily archaeology fieldwork and excavation, such as trowelling, sieving, planning, taking levels, archaeological photography, recording finds, landscape analysis and identification of features, architectural recording and building analysis, soil recognition and description, and public education.


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