Prerequisites and Disclaimer

There are no academic or field prerequisites for the Inishark research project. This is a hands-on field program, one that will immerse students in archaeological research through experiential learning.

  • The program is open to anyone who is at least 18 years old, and physically able and willing to work and camp on Inishark for two weeks, and stay at the Doonmore Hotel for one week.
  • This is archaeological field research that takes place outdoors, and staff and students will get sweaty, hot, tired, cold, and at times wet.
  • Participants need to understand that at times archaeology requires hard, physical work in the outdoors. Archaeology involves intellectual engagement as well as physical work, at times in exposed physical conditions.
  • The weather around Inishbofin and Inishark, located in scenic western Connemara, Ireland, is variable. Rainfall in Ireland can be frequent and work continues in light rain.
  • Average June daytime temperatures are 58°F (14°C), and with high temperatures up to 80°F (26°C). Surprisingly this creates conditions for remarkably bright sunshine and sunburns are frequent among the crew.
  • Participants should discuss any medical concerns they have with their doctor, and the project director must be informed in advance of any on-going medical issues.
House 4 on Inishark

House 4 on Inishark


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