Videos and Photos

There are several excellent videos available on the web that highlight the Notre Dame Cultural Landscapes of the Irish Coast project and the 2014 Inishark archaeological field school.

Filiming on Inishbofin

Filming on Inishbofin.

First, Matt Cashore has produced a short four minute video for Notre Dame magazine of the archaeological excavation on Inishark in 2012.  This is found at the bottom page of the Notre Dame magazine story “Standing in Their Footprints” by Ian Kuijt (

Second, William Donaruma, of Notre Dame Film, Television and Theater, has produced two nine minute videos that show the 2013 archaeological excavations on Inishbofin and island life in general.  These are both posted on Vimeo.  The first of these, titled “CLIC Community Day – June ’13”, shows the June 2013 excavation of Old Knock Village on Inishbofin with 21 students, ages 4 to 12, of the Inishbofin School ( The second, titled “CLIC Beauty Reel ’13” is divided into two halves, with first half filmed on scenic Inishbofin and the second half filmed on Inishark and Inishbofin (

Filming on Inishark

Filming on Inishark


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